Honey Open… Farmstead Golf Course

Hello Ladies….

This is the link to the pictage web page, where  you can view/share/purchase images from todays event.

If for some reason you can’t see them tonight, it is because it takes a few hours for the site to complete the upload.

So try it again in the am.


See you all next year!

Cathy  Rosselli

About Cathy Rosselli

How my love for creating heirloom photos started…
I have been blessed with two professions that have enabled me to create the exact type of portraiture needed to create your heirlooms. You might call me a photo stylist…. I am creating everyting from the makeup & hairstyle to capturing the image…. then taking in the given surroundings, I am able to conjure the image I am about to set the stage for… you have to be quick, as sometimes you don’t have alot of time.
Having been a stylist first, gave me the advantage of seeing every angle if the image I am creating. Blending my cosmetology experience with photography…Is the perfect combination for creating memorable portraits.
We also offer destination photography.
Cathy Rosselli Photography is located at 93 Haggerty Road in Wantage, New Jersey.
I hope to meet you very soon!

Creative Wedding Photography

When searching for a photographer for your wedding, be sure you hire someone with creativity…

We all take the group and family shots which are traditional… but then there comes the real talent..

The lights and the creativity… this is where the difference is …take a look at my FB pages and you will see

there is alot of thought that creates the image that makes you go …Ahhhhh !